Q: I would like to get more involved with the club; whom should I contact?

A: Our club is always in need of volunteers. The contacts section of the website lists the various committee chairpersons. Also, meetings are always held on the first Tuesday of every month. Various other events are discussed, and one can volunteer.

Q: Can my team use trainers not provided nor sanctioned by the club?
A: No. Trainers must be sanctioned by the club due to insurance purposes. With the expected growth of the club, new trainers can be proposed to the director of training. However, new trainers are subject to review and approval by the clubs director of training.

Q: For the South Texas Cup, can I enter the tournament as a different age group from the Fall season.
A: Yes, for the South Texas Cup, a new team can be created. The rules are different for the directors cup.

Q: What are the registration fees?
A: Registration fees vary due to several factors. Registration fees, however, cover BAYSA fees, two uniforms, equipment, and so forth.

Q: I experienced an incident during a game. What do I do and how do I report the incident?
A: The website has an Incident Report (IR) on the resources section. Please fill out the form and submit it within 48 hours of the incident. The D&P director will follow up.

Q: What are the different levels of play offered at Pearland United?
A: Pearland United offers various levels of competitive soccer as well as recreational.