U7-U10 Academy Program

Pearland United Soccer Club is proud to offer a skills-oriented, tiered developmental soccer program for its U7-U10 players.  This program brings a data-driven approach to soccer training.  It was designed by Space City FC professional staff -- Randy Evans & Craig Foster -- and follows US Soccer Federation & South Texas Youth Soccer Association (STYSA) recommended training regimens.  For general questions and information about the program, please contact Kristen McGinn, our Academy Director at ad@pearlandunited.com or Chad Barton, our Second Vice President at vp2@pearlandunited.com.

Within this age group the ability level from player to player is extraordinarily diverse.  One player can dominate an entire game while another player never touches the ball.  Pearland United is committed to taking a data-driven approach to solving this problem and leveling the playing field for each player. 

Here's how it works.  At the start of the season each player participates in a league wide soccer skills and athleticism test.  Data from that test is consolidated and analyzed across the entire program.  The results are used to form peer groups (or tiers) of players at similar developmental levels.  U7 and U8 players will be combined to form U8 teams and U9 and U10 players will be combined to form U10 teams.  Teams are not coed.  These balanced teams once formed within each tier will then play games with other matched teams in same tier from the partnering clubs.

We aim to make every game competitive across the entire program and to place your child on a team where he or she has a chance to succeed.  As the season progresses the results of each game are analyzed and both player and team adjustments may be made when the data and/or common sense dictate.

Another key goal of our program is to ensure that your child is learning what they should be learning, individual skill development (i.e. dribbling & general ball mastery).  A child's experience is largely influenced by their coach and the material the coach chooses to teach.  The luck of the draw can end in discontent or a fantastically rewarding season.  In most leagues it's a coin toss.  We want to take luck out of the equation.
A U8 and U10 curricula has been designed to be used by every team at every training session.  Our professional staff will supervise all training sessions and provide support, mentoring and quality control for the volunteer coaches.  Our goal is to make sure every child enrolled in this program gets the most advanced soccer training available while maintaining a fun environment for all.  The program also offers training for our dedicated volunteer soccer coaches.

Cost for this program will be $260 for the season and includes complete uniform kit with 2 jerseys, shorts, socks, and practice tee; 2 one hour and ten minute training sessions a week; and all club, field, and insurance fees.

South Houston Academy League (SHAL) Games
Your U7-U10 child will play regular season games in the South Houston Academy League (SHAL). SHAL is a gaming league similar to BAYSA or EDDOA.  Pearland United joined with Quest and Space City FC to form SHAL in the Fall of 2011. The goal was to give South Houston a competitive, academy-age gaming league.
Additional information about SHAL:

  • The SHAL season consists of 8-10 games played against other "at-level" teams from Pearland United, Space City (Friendswood, League City, & Clear Lake), Galveston (U10 only), and North Channel (U10 Boys only).
  • Travel to Friendswood, Clear Lake, League City, Texas City, and Galveston is required for some games.
  • Games have historically been played on Saturday in both the Fall and the Spring.
  • Current rules for games are 4v4 dual field with NO goalie for U8 and 6v6 with goalie for U10
  • Scores and standings are not publicly kept and only used to adjust tier placement.
  • SHAL hosts a competitive end of the season tournament for all U10 teams -- ALL U10 TEAMS are highly encouraged to participate!!

Please check out the SHAL website for more information.

Upcoming Events

  • December 7, 2015
    BAYSA Meeting
    Time: 7:00pm – 9:30pm
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  • December 8, 2015
    Board Meeting
    Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
    Location: Iguana Ranas

Field Status

For more details, please visit StatusMe.com.

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